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Elementary Art: Magic of Paper

3 Credits
Experience the fun of working with a variety of commonly available papers in exciting and surprising new ways! You'll see many opportunities for critical thinking, problem-solving, and integration into other areas of your curriculum. Lessons are immediately ready to use in your classroom. No 'artistic talent' required.

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Jill Faison

I have been involved in the arts my entire life, and as an educator, I have seen firsthand how the integration of meaningful art experiences into existing classroom curriculum can consistently lead to advancements in student learning and achievement. Areas such as critical thinking, problem-solving, authentic learning, teamwork, and intrinsic motivation, are all enhanced when art becomes a systematic part of the classroom landscape. For this reason, I’m very enthusiastic about showing other teachers – regardless of their art backgrounds – how easy it can be to incorporate this simple yet profound element into the curriculum they are already teaching – with spectacular results!