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Teaching Observational Drawing

3 Credits
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Observational drawing is a foundational skill for both the student and the teacher in the field of visual arts. It is a learned skill that requires concentration, analytical thinking, problem solving, and perseverance as one attempts to translate three-dimensional objects onto a two-dimensional surface. This course is designed to take your students' (and your own) observational drawing abilities to the next level and develop lessons that align with the National Core Arts Standards. You will be required to purchase drawing materials and complete many observational drawing exercises, submitting photos showing stages of your work, and developing lesson activities for your students. Grading is not based on level of ability, but rather on completion of assignments. Beginning artists are welcome!

NOTE: Required book must be acquired separately.

Rob Carey

I believe that teachers are the backbone of society, and that education plays a major role in shaping a culture’s values. I made a career change to education after four years of active duty in the army and two years working in aircraft. For the past 25-30 years, I have had the privilege of teaching in a variety of settings in public and private schools, charter schools, and over half of my career teaching overseas in international settings. My educational interests include integrated curriculum development, art instruction, classroom climate, teacher care, educational technology, and Biblical integration.