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Coaching: Enhancing Motivation

3 Credits
Any coach or athlete who achieves success in the arena of competitive sport does so because of a level of mastery in the mental aspects of athletic performance. All learning, improvement,and successful sport performance is intrinsically tied to the psychological dimension of motivation. Typically, the level of understanding and subsequent application of sound psychological principles with regard to developing, creating and sustaining high levels of motivation falls far below what is needed for optimum athletic achievement. This course offers the athletic coach and/or scholar the opportunity to learn and apply correct psychological principles for enhancing motivation within the competitive sport context. Techniques and tools shared in this course are based on the current literature and supported by national education standards.

Note: Required books must be acquired separately.

This course is applicable towards the Coaching For Excellence Certificate.

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Dr. Dennis Janzen

I have been graciously blessed to have a coaching and administrative career in competitive athletics that has spanned over 40 years. Seeing someone do something they had never thought possible is the ultimate joy. Many years ago, a wise person told me that, “Players will do what you train them to do.” I’ve never forgotten that…and for many years, that simple but powerful philosophy has shaped how I coach, lead and teach. What really allows people to attempt to master difficult, challenging tasks when the risks of failure are strong? What keeps people persisting after they have experienced failure? How can a coach or leader create an environment in which the drive to succeed is greater than the fear of failure? These are very common challenges. I’ve been blessed to coach a wide range of athletes – from Olympians to young ten year olds. My goal is to create the best learning experiences possible for people who wish to grow in the area of athletics coaching and administration.