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Observation / Assessment of Young Children

3 Credits
Discover ways to utilize authentic and appropriate assessment tools used to assess the development of young children using observation. The purposes of assessment include:(1) making sound decisions about teaching and learning, (2) identifying significant concerns that may require focused intervention for individual students, and (3) helping programs improve their educational and developmental interventions. Experience and apply assessment strategies and systems in the early childhood classroom. Explore tools and specific activities that apply the principles of state and national documents directly to classroom practice in child-centered and engaging methods.

This course is applicable towards the Early Childhood Education Certificate.

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Dr. Sandra Frisby

The courses I teach will provide you with multiple ideas and resources to guide the students you teach to foster their desire to learn, and to provide them with the necessary tools so that they may develop to their full potential. As you know, all children are unique, with differing interests, learning styles, skills and abilities, therefore, we must meet their needs to challenge them to be critical thinkers. As you complete this class I am here to support you, guide you, and share my many years of experiences teaching children and adult learners! My favorite teaching quote: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” ~Ben Franklin