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Introduction to Classical Mythology

3 Credits
Learn how to capture student fascination with the adventures of Odysseus, the labors of Hercules, and the battles of Achilles. Utilize these powerful and imaginative stories to invite further study which rewards the student with a deeper level of understanding not only of the myths themselves but of the people who originated these provocative stories. Learn more about mythology in order to incorporate it into the study of history, literature, science, music or art. Appreciate a systematic approach to the study of classical mythology. Information in this course is in alignment with Common Core Standards and NBPT standards.

NOTE: Required textbook must be purchased separately.

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Nadine McFadden

I enjoy teaching, at any level. I delight in the creativity involved, bringing new strategies and information, relish when the “light bulb” turns on, and have a passion for improving student thinking. I’ve been teaching for over 35 years and can honestly say I’ve learned as much from my students as, hopefully, they have from me. Here’s my educational background - My bachelor’s degree was a foreign language comprehensive. I subsequently went back and received a minor in consumer economics. My master’s degree was in curriculum studies with a concentration in reading. I was a member of the Coalition of Essential Schools. As such, I was a co-presenter at a Fall Forum workshop at Brown University in Provenance, RI. I’m a published author and was honored to be a member of Phi Kappa Delta. I have written and received several grants, including the Martha Holden Jennings grant which enabled me, as department chairman, to bring much needed technology into the classrooms of my department. Incorporating all of this into the courses I bring to my Fresno students is an absolute joy. I hope you benefit from this experience and I hope you challenge me as well because I truly enjoy the learning process.