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Develop New Courses for 21st Century

3 Credits
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This course is designed to prepare educators of all experience levels to create a class that does not yet exist, whether it be a new learning model or new content altogether. This course helps teachers explore motivation for creating and learning, while offering a functional process through which teachers may conceive of a new class from its "idea" stage to school board approval. Topics include motivation, curriculum for the 21st century, standards, development of content outlines, essential questions, thinking skills and rubrics, development of pacing calendars, marketing new courses to students, and school board proposals.

NOTE: Required books must be acquired separately.

This course is applicable towards the Curriculum Design and Assessment Certificate.

Matt Monahan

I have been preparing to teach professional development courses for the better part of 15 years: the length of my teaching career. The value of quality professional development has become increasingly apparent to me as pedagogy in the field of education continues to evolve in the 21st century. My teaching experience, coupled with a Master's Degrees in History and Educational Leadership, have given me the academic background necessary to provide quality professional development. Continuing Education is a passion of mine partly because I completed a second Master's Degree plus 24 graduate credits after I believed that I was completely finished with school. My educational, professional, and personal experiences have shown me the value in continuing to learn and teach.