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Peer Support, Mentoring and Student Leadership

3 Credits
This course is designed to strengthen participant's ability to develop and implement positive peer support, student leadership and adult mentoring programs for grades K-12. While the central mandate for our schools is student learning, students learn and behave better when they feel cared for and also experience a sense of connection with those around them. Many school-based programs can enhance the development of all students, as well as provide support for targeted students in particular. Participants in this course will receive useful information and practical tools for the implementation of such programs, as well as larger theoretical and conceptual considerations. Topics include program design, implementation and evaluation, the pedagogy and role of mentors, the purpose and function of positive peer support and student leadership programs, communication with staff and parents, and examples of many such programs in a variety of settings. Participants will receive practical support in the form of materials for programs, letters, posters, evaluations, student contracts and other hands-on tools. Participants will apply course readings to design and implement a program for their particular work setting, addressing the specific needs and concerns of the students they care for.

NOTE: Required books must be acquired separately.

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Connie Enns-Rempel

Educators are among the most important and influential members of our society. Along with families and religious communities, our teachers, administrators, coaches and counselors have a critical impact on the shaping of our children and youth. In my years as a school counselor, I have been deeply impressed that as teachers work to meet the academic and educational needs of their students, they also feel increasing demands to meet students’ social, cultural, emotional and behavioral needs as well. My courses are designed to assist educators in addressing these challenging concerns by providing both helpful and relevant theoretical information as well as very practical, hands-on resources.