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Classroom Restorative Discipline

3 Credits
Classroom Restorative Discipline, also know as Discipline that Restores (DTR) is a restorative discipline system for schools and classrooms. This course will show you how to resolve conflicts and practice problem-solving techniques that are based on a step-by-step process developed by Dr. Ron and Roxanne Claassen, based on their book, Discipline That Restores: Strategies to Create Respect, Cooperation, and Responsibility in the Classroom. Transform your classroom and school site, and develop deeper relationships with your students.   NOTE: Access to classroom participation is required for course completion.

NOTE: Required (2) textbooks must be acquired separately. Remaining course materials are included in registration fee and will be mailed after registration is processed.

This course is applicable towards the Restorative Strategies for the Classroom Certificate.

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Linda Simmons

Helping educators and students be the best they can be is my passion. In educational counseling, I see some of the hardest working administrators, teachers and counselors making deep impact in the lives of their students. It’s important for educators to know that social emotional health is key in academic achievement. When students struggle with behavior, learning cannot occur. I am enthusiastic to share with my fellow educators relevant and practical applications to enhance their relationships with students and deal with conflict in a restorative and respectful way. It is my pleasure and privilege to present a course that helps educators to bring out the very best in their students both academically and behaviorally. I am looking forward to meeting you online.