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Manage Students without Coercion

3 Credits
By learning and using Choice Theory, students and teachers will both learn how to be fully responsible for making more effective decisions and choices in their academic and personal lives. This cognitive approach to managing human behavior can be taught to students and parents for life-long social and emotional learning, self-esteem development and healthy life-style choices. 

NOTE: Required textbooks must be purchased separately.

This course is applicable towards the Restorative Strategies for the Classroom Certificate.

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Jon Morse

Jon Morse has been actively engaged in working with youth and youth leaders over the last 50+ years in the following venues: probation, mental health, sheriff departments, K-12 education & transportation, post-secondary education, private businesses and community service Organizations. Jon is the Founder/Executive Director Emeritus of Big Picture Educational Academy. The school has now expanded to a K-12 school district and added an Adult school and EL program working with individuals on obtaining their high school diplomas and improving their English-speaking skills. Jon is currently serving as an adjunct faculty member of Fresno Pacific University’s continuing education department working with educators and counselors in a variety of venues. Jon’s passions are his family, making a difference in his community, exercise and enjoying life to its fullest.