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Achievement Gap: Teacher's Role

3 Credits
Engage and motivate students to learn and achieve even when they are falling short of standards and achievement. This course will apply intentional teaching with high-yield learning strategies. Examine how to create small specific adjustments to lesson planning, teaching, and assessment practices that will engage students, at-risk students, English Language Learners and Special Education students. This course will include viewing videos of K-12 classrooms that are minding the achievement gap. This course aligns with the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Literacy and NBPTS.

NOTE: Required textbooks must be purchased separately.

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Sharon Owyang

Teaching and learning have been the focus and passion of my career. From teaching middle school and high school and guiding professional curriculum in-services, I have gathered instructional strategies for teachable moments in the classroom. I want to provide teachers with relevant and timely instructional resources that can be applied in your classroom. I believe in seizing the time to share vibrant engaging lessons, scaffold learning, and creating learning experiences for your curricular content. My courses provide the opportunity to apply research-based, high-yield Instructional Strategies to Inspire Learning, a focus on the Achievement Gap: Teacher’s Role, and Essential Strategies to promote Achieving in English Language Arts. I look forward to working with you online.