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Helping Doers Succeed in School

3 Credits
The Doers in your classroom become the backbone of every successful organization, those 'go to' people you count on to get things done. Typically few in number they occupy positions at all levels from the classroom to the boardroom. This course addresses the challenges facing high achievers and those who supervise or work alongside them. Students will come away from this learning experience with a better understanding of how to help doers find success not only in the classroom but beyond the classroom as well.

NOTE: Required textbook must be purchased separately.

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Dr. Tom Jones

Dr. Jones works with leaders to enhance governance, improve performance, and raise productivity. Dr. Jones is an organization development practitioner who works with organizations to provide contemporary solutions. Drawing on more than thirty years experience as a consultant to municipal, county, and state governments, he provides management and staff with the continuity of direction and the clarity of purpose they both need in order to succeed.