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Supporting Children of Divorce And Stepfamilies

3 Credits
This course is designed for K-12 teachers, administrators, counselors, and other educational professionals who seek to enhance their skills in meeting the needs of students who are experiencing family changes through divorce and remarriage. Educators often play a critical role in providing structure, safety, and compassion for a student whose home life has been disrupted. This course provides participants with practical information on divorce and stepfamilies, builds awareness of specific developmental challenges students of different ages face, and provides strategies for communicating effectively with students and their parents from separate households.

NOTE: Required books must be acquired separately.

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Dr. Cheryl Dueck Smith

Educators have a profound impact on the lives of the students they serve. In addition to providing a creative learning environment, they also provide emotional support. I have a passion for equipping educators to attend to the complex emotional needs of their students. I want to share my expertise in working with relational issues as a marriage and family therapist so that educators can gain resources and a greater understanding of how to walk alongside students who are struggling from issues stemming from their home environment.