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Short Stories from American Literature

3 Credits

What is Short Stories from American Literature Course for Teachers?

Short Stories from American Literature is a professional development course designed for teachers of grades 7-14 where students will read stories by classic and contemporary American authors. The materials also provide a review of the tools for reading, stimulating the development of insight, understanding, and discernment. Teachers will be asked to reflect on the 10 stories they read by writing brief informal responses and will have the opportunity to experiment with ways to incorporate two of these stories into their teaching. This course is designed to meet the objectives identified in the Common Core State Standards in Language Arts, the National Council of Teachers of English Standards, as well as the five core propositions of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. These national standards undergird the activities of the course. Students will be asked to make connections between their work and these standards or the standards of their own states.

What Will You Learn in This PD course?

In this professional development course, you'll learn to develop lesson plans to effectively share short stories in the classroom. You'll learn to read and analyze outstanding stories from a range of times and cultures. At the end of this course, you'll be able to connect lessons to state or national standards.

Note: Required textbook must be acquired separately.

Professional Development Certificate

This course is applicable towards the Literature Appreciation Certificate.

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Elaine Reimer-Paré

As I work with young readers and writers in my own classroom, I continue to search for ways to engage students with literature and the writing process: How can I help students become more confident and independent readers? How can I help students communicate effectively? How can I help students recognize the inherent value and enjoyment of reading and writing well? Because I know that other teachers ask themselves these same questions, I am passionate about my work at Fresno Pacific. The opportunity to engage with other teaching professionals is inspiring and rewarding; I hope that a collaborative sharing of ideas and strategies will enrich our teaching of reading and writing even further.