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Children's Literature

3 Credits
Learning how to bring children and books together in productive and satisfying experiences is the ultimate goal in this course. You will become more aware of the wealth of available children's literature and will develop skills for selecting literature that is enriching and beneficial for children. Few experiences are so universally enjoyed by children as reading.

NOTE: Required book must be acquired separately.

This course is applicable towards the Literature Appreciation Certificate.

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Elaine Reimer-Paré

As I work with young readers and writers in my own classroom, I continue to search for ways to engage students with literature and the writing process: How can I help students become more confident and independent readers? How can I help students communicate effectively? How can I help students recognize the inherent value and enjoyment of reading and writing well? Because I know that other teachers ask themselves these same questions, I am passionate about my work at Fresno Pacific. The opportunity to engage with other teaching professionals is inspiring and rewarding; I hope that a collaborative sharing of ideas and strategies will enrich our teaching of reading and writing even further.