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Holocaust Fiction

3 Credits
Connect with the Holocaust through adolescent fiction and apply strategies to engage the Middle and High School learner with history! One of the most effective pedagogical tools for educating young people about the Holocaust is through literature. By educating young readers about the Holocaust without overwhelming them, we can equip our learners to fight prejudice and discrimination. In addition to reading, analyzing, and responding to literary texts, including fiction and graphic novels about the Holocaust, you will have the opportunity to explore arts-based response activities and project learning. You will evaluate resources about the Holocaust through exploration of museum websites and online archives that might accompany your use of fiction in the classroom. This content is applicable to grades 6-12 and fully aligns with Common Core Standards to support development of reading, literacy, and writing.

NOTE: Required books must be acquired separately.

This course is applicable towards the Literature Appreciation Certificate.

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Dr. Catherine Posey

Traveling the world through books is my area of expertise! With an academic background in Children's and Young Adult Literature, I’m passionate about equipping teachers to engage their students in meaningful ways with the literature they read and respond to. Rather than just teach students on an intellectual level, I hope to educate in a way that inspires teachers to nurture the social-emotional and spiritual dimensions of their learners. Specifically, literature holds the capacity to engage readers in authentic and spiritual ways, connect them to other people, and to generate empathy and social sensitivity.