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Improving Fluency With Number Talks

3 Credits
Do your students struggle with math facts? Are you looking for practical methods that go beyond memorization? This online course will introduce you to number talks, a classroom routine that engages students in the use of strategies that support number flexibility and fluency. During number talks, students explore and discuss number structure and relationships for mentally calculating addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percents and decimals. In this Common Core-based course, teachers will explore the rationale as well as specific tools for structuring number talks within mathematics instruction.


NOTE: Required textbook must be purchased separately.

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Paul Reimer

I believe in the power of ongoing, collaborative learning opportunities for teachers that develop usable knowledge and shared practices. I have been active in education for more than 20 years as a teacher, instructional coach, workshop presenter, and designer of mathematics programs at the K-12 level. Currently I am a Ph.D. student at Michigan State University where I am exploring the relationship between teachers' beliefs, attitudes, and practices. My courses deal with issues that many teachers of mathematics have experienced. How do I best assess my students? How can I get students talking about math, and how do I facilitate that discussion? How do I get out of the textbook and into an engaging task that harnesses curiosity and makes use of critical thinking and reasoning? Developing shared practices around these ideas through collaborative reflection and support is the focus of our online community.