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Teaching Outdoor Team Sports

3 Credits
This course will provide information and structure required to build quality outdoor team sports units to encourage participation in regular physical activity for lifelong fitness. Course work will include sport history, rules, practice routines, strategies, sport-specific physical conditioning exercises, and selection of proper attire and equipment. A variety of instructional information will be provided at current website addresses for up-to-date access to information regarding outdoor team sports. Methods and techniques for teaching outdoor team sports will meet specific national standards for physical education and may be applied to meet your SHAPE requirements for endorsement and recertification for physical education (Please check with your state). Students will be asked to select an outdoor team sport to complete their assignments: soccer, flag football, softball or another outdoor team sport as approved by the instructor.

NOTE: Required books must be acquired separately.

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Anita Young

My family emigrated to America from Holland when I was nine. My siblings and I were active in many sports and excelled in them while we were learning English. In college, I chose to study to be a teacher and imitate the teachers who had given me confidence and direction. I have been a teacher for 30+ years and have taught all levels and many teachers. I find that passionate teachers are invested in their students' learning as much as in their subject. One of my fondest memories is a parent who told me that her son had chosen to be a pastor and credited me with inspiring him to serve. After sharing my faith testimony with my 9th graders, their responses were that I should speak in chapel; then they organized themselves to clean up the campus to show an example of Christ-like leadership. Some of the finest compliments ever given me were the student teachers assigned to me from Fresno State after my students had repeatedly scored the highest in the district on the STAR tests. Through Fresno Pacific, I get to work with teachers and share their experiences and stories.