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Virtual Science Labs

3 Credits
Laboratory exercises are a wonderful way to explore and experience science. Using a project based approach, students will learn about and experience the use of virtual science labs suitable for use in their classroom. Each project is directly tied to specific National Educational Technology Standards. The course will provide participants with a survey of what types of virtual science labs are possible, then using computer and Internet technology, students will develop meaningful lessons centered around virtual science labs that also meet subject matter standards and framework requirements. Finally, participants will create a simple virtual science lab of their own design.

This course is applicable towards the Online Teaching Certificate.

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Dr. Bill Cockerham

Learning is fun and since I am a big proponent of lifelong learning, the fun never ends. I have over 50-years of learning and teaching fun. Fresno Pacific’s Continuing Education has given me the opportunity to continue to combine my love for both teaching and learning. I set up courses to be project-based, allowing students flexibility in creating the projects to meet their own unique interests and needs. I continue to learn from each student’s creative projects. The goal for course projects is to not only gain content knowledge in a fun and practical way but to also provide material immediately usable in current or future classroom settings. I welcome you to join me in the fun.