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Historic Sacramento: Through the Years

3 Credits
This online course is designed to help students become more knowledgeable about Sacramento, California's rich history. Through this course, students will not only learn about Sacramento's history, but will understand how to enhance their social studies curriculum with high quality technological applications. They will recognize how Sacramento became the metropolis it is today through the study of Native American Indians, Sutter's Fort, Old Town Sacramento, the Gold Rush, the Big Four, Theodore Judah, The Port of Sacramento, and Sacramento's growth over the years. Students will experience creating their own digital book. The historical knowledge gained and experience using technology to create an end product can all be taken right back to the classroom. This course was originally developed by Dr. Don Dorough, and has now been updated and converted to a fully online course.

NOTE: Required book must be acquired separately.

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Jeromy Winter

I am passionate about teaching! I have a solid foundation in teaching language arts and have great enthusiasm for teaching California history. My experience includes teaching at the elementary school level for 15 years and teaching adults through the continuing education program for 6 years. I have continued my education throughout my career and have a strong commitment to helping other teachers advance in their careers. My California history courses offer an interesting way to learn about the history of the great state of California. I believe in teaching teachers techniques that will interest and engage their students. My courses give teachers experiences they can implement in their own classrooms and are aligned to standards for teaching. Teachers of all grade levels will be able to match my courses with the standards they teach.