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California Missions: 1769-SECULARIZATION

3 Credits
California Missions 1769 - Secularization is designed to help teachers learn about the California Missions Period. Through oral interviews, videos, and readings, teachers will become more familiar with important aspects of the Mission Period, including reasons Spain founded the missions, founding fathers of the mission, lure and treatment Native Americans at the missions, mission music, economics, architecture, religion, trades taught at the missions, restoration, and archaeology. Teachers will utilize technological applications that can be used with students in their social studies units. The skills learned in this course can be taken and used directly in their classrooms for practical use.

NOTE: Required book must be acquired separately.

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Jeromy Winter

I am passionate about teaching! I have a solid foundation in teaching language arts and have great enthusiasm for teaching California history. My experience includes teaching at the elementary school level for 15 years and teaching adults through the continuing education program for 6 years. I have continued my education throughout my career and have a strong commitment to helping other teachers advance in their careers. My California history courses offer an interesting way to learn about the history of the great state of California. I believe in teaching teachers techniques that will interest and engage their students. My courses give teachers experiences they can implement in their own classrooms and are aligned to standards for teaching. Teachers of all grade levels will be able to match my courses with the standards they teach.