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Historic Bodie and Other Ghost Towns

3 Credits
'Gold was the Making of a Town called Bodie' is the theme of this much-loved course that emphasizes the Ghost Town of Bodie, California, located off Highway 395, at Bodie State Historic Park. It is now brought to you in an online format. Even though it's charm is the on-site visitations where you experience history where it actually happened, non-travel students now have an alternative. Course materials include CD interviews with old-time former Bodie residents, & a CD guided Walking Tour by Al Lichti, the course originator. The course text's author shares his exciting personal observations, experiences, adventures, and memories of early life in Bodie. You will cover such a variety of subject matter making it easy for you to develop engaging lesson plans packed with National & State Standards.

Note: Required and optional books must be acquired separately.

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