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Historic Mono Lake: History & Mystery

3 Credits
This course takes you into the History & Mystery of Mono Lake, encompassing the early pioneers of the Mono Basin and the fragile ecosystem of Mono Lake and its environment. It is a course for historians, anthropologists, geologists, ornithologists, archaeologists, and ecologists. This fascinating area within its volcanic surroundings will be a valuable course for all classroom teachers in a variety of subject areas. You will develop skills in teaching natural history, geology, geography, water conservation, the Mono lake ecosystem, Mono Basin's human history with emphasis on the Native American Paiute (Kuzedika) Indians, wildlife, and recreation, the Mono lake bird groups, and species, environmental influences, and Mono Lake's environmental future. Choosing the travel option you can experience the feel of the lake's briny water, stand on the edge of a dormant volcano, and see the amazing tufa towers.

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Dubravka Fleming

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