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On the Road With Mark Twain: in California and Nevada

3 Credits
Designed to take the educator back in time, this course puts you on the road with the legendary, Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain. Samuel Clemens may have been born in Missouri but Mark Twain was born in the West. Christened with the name Mark Twain in Virginia City, Clemens used it out of necessity when his writing became offensive to the targets of his writing.
You are taken through Clemens' years in the West and will experience the context within which this author created many of his most profound literary contributions. Students learn valuable ways to implement thematic units based on context teaching that incorporates State and National Standards. This course is applicable for many educators, especially those in the fields of geography, history/social science, English, literature, journalism or reading, while working well for teaching about the Civil War giving the need for Nevada to become a State, and presenting ways to teach the State Standards as you visit the locations and situations in which Clemens lived and wrote.
NOTE: Required textbooks and DVD must be acquired separately.

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