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Ben Franklin's Philadelphia

3 Credits
This course examines the remarkable life of Benjamin Franklin with an emphasis upon his impact on the city of Philadelphia, PA. It is a Social Studies course that studies Franklin's relentless drive to improve both his life and the life of others. His intense curiosity, practicality, combined with humor continues to inspire all of us today. The course offers opportunities for participants to develop curriculum lessons, field trips and projects about Franklin. The course meets National and Common Core Standards and includes a travel option to the city of Philadelphia, PA.

NOTE: Required textbook must be purchased separately.

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Keith Reilly

I am passionate about teaching and learning more about American History. In my 21st year of teaching, I am constantly finding new information to help my students critically think about the past and looking for new methods to apply the information to the present. With the abundance of new sources available, it allows me to see the world from a variety of perspectives.