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Japanese Internment Camps: Pearl Harbor - Post Release

3 Credits
How were 120,000 Japanese Americans forcibly relocated simply for 'looking like the enemy?' In this course, students will gain a deeper understanding of the impact the attack on Pearl Harbor had on the lives of Japanese living in Western America. You will learn about the Japanese Internment Camps established after that fateful day in 1941. You will expand your understanding of life in the camps, including daily tasks like eating and using the bathroom, housing conditions, and how people occupied their time while incarcerated. You will gain a greater appreciation for how Japanese Americans endured with dignity during this terrible time. Finally, you will get a glimpse of how life changed after being released from the camps.

Additionally, this course will introduce you to many practical technological applications which will be presented throughout your learning. The course will present various places to find and methods for using Primary Sources. You will learn about the educational value of field trips and learn to build a lesson plan including a field trip.

NOTE: Required book must be acquired separately.

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