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Excel: the Ultimate Information Tool

3 Credits
We live in what is being described as the Information Age. As we are bombarded with data from all sides, each of us needs special tools to help make sense of all this information. Excel is a spreadsheet program that provides just those tools. Excel can be used to perform calculations using built-in formulas, everything from Standard Deviation to calculating your car payment. Excel can be used to calculate grades, chart data that would otherwise be overwhelming, or manage your next candy sale. If you are using a calculator, you need Excel. Excel even has text handling tools that you might find useful in the classroom as well as school-wide planning templates. The focus of this course is how Excel can be used to increase student understanding and achievement. The hands-on exercises are tied to actual classroom and administrative activities including formulas and calculations, charting, Hyperlinks, linking, database functions, macros, and publishing on the web.

Students will learn how to configure and navigate an Excel screen, enter and edit data, format cell texts and values, enter basic and complex formulas, and perform calculations using cell references. Modules also include merging cells and creating headers and foots, using charting tools, adding graphic elements, protecting cells, using Excel as a database, and using advanced functions including embedded formulas.

This course is applicable towards the Technology Skills for Educators Certificate.

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Dr. Andrew Funk

Subject: Technology Hometown: Chicago, IL