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Advanced Computer Graphics: Photoshop, Bryce & Poser

3 Credits
Experienced computer users will explore the diverse capabilities of Photoshop, Bryce & Poser to create and manipulate professional quality digital photographs, 3D artwork, and animation through a progression of skills-based, hands-on exercises. The knowledge and experience acquired can be passed along to students in a variety of classroom settings including art, journalism, computer applications and vocational education.

Upon registering, the instructor will mail physical course materials at no additional cost, including a DVD containing demonstrations of the projects presented by the instructor, and trial versions of Bryce, Photoshop & Poser (for both Mac and Windows), thus access to a computer with a DVD drive is necessary. All assignments may be completed without classroom participation. Instructor support is always readily available by email and phone. Additional information may be found at:

NOTE: This course does not currently support MacOS 10.7 or above.

This course is applicable towards the Technology Skills for Educators Certificate.

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Steve Young

Just as my mother lived from the dawn of the airplane to watching men walk on the moon, I’ve witnessed the computer shrink in size from a locomotive to a fingernail; from costing more than a house to less than a pair of shoes. In 35 years I’ve worked as a teacher, lecturer, trainer, and technology coordinator, always striving to find the best way to teach. If a pencil does the job, use a pencil. Simple. But the world is not simple, and there are things students need to comprehend that require a depth of knowledge best reached through the power of technology. Never before have I seen so many teachers marvel at how technology has enhanced their classroom - it’s still fun to watch the light bulbs go on!