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Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom

3 Credits

What is the Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom course?

Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom focuses on the practical uses of online social tools for educators who want to utilize the power of information and bring it to their lessons. Educators learn to transition thinking about the Internet as just a collection of websites to a platform in which content is created, shared, remixed, repurposed, and passed along. Blogs, Wikis, Social Networks, Social Bookmarks, Podcasts, RSS Feeds, and Photo Sharing are Web 2.0 tools that course participants will use during this online professional development course. These tools can be harnessed to transform and expand the learning experience inside K-12 classrooms.

Who is Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom online course for?

This technology education online professional development course is for K-12 classroom educators who want to advance their knowledge of online social tools so that they can incorporate them into their classroom curriculum. Students enrolled in the course will be introduced to new Internet tools and learn how to effectively use them to elevate their current teaching and learning strategies.

What will you learn in Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom?

Teachers enrolling in this course will explore how the latest powerful online tools are changing the teaching and learning strategies they use in the classroom. Course participants will increase their use of technology as they actively engage in the use of these tools. Additionally, they will demonstrate an understanding of how Web 2.0 tools may be used to deliver their standards-based curricular objectives. At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Define how the web is transforming education
  • Identify frameworks of effective technology integration
  • Identify ways that Web 2.0 tools can deepen student learning
  • Design standards-based learning activities that integrate web 2.0 technology

NOTE: The required text must be purchased separately.

Professional Development Certificate

This course is applicable towards the Classroom Technology Integration Certificate and Online Teaching Certificate.

"Well organized layout of the course. Prompt grading and feedback was given. Especially appreciated the constant updating of links and the desire to keep it so current. Overall great course." ~ Teacher, California


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