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Photo Editing with GIMP

3 Credits
Digital images have enriched just about every aspect of our daily lives, in and out of the classroom. Learn to easily create and improve any image/photo with free software programs that will operate on the hardware available for teachers and students, both at school and at home.

Guided by instructor-created video tutorials, students will engage in common editing tasks to create and improve images of their choice. Editing in detail and creating rich images does not need to be difficult or expensive.

No prerequisite knowledge with image editing is required.

All of the software is free and the video tutorials and files are included with your registration! Students will need a computer, Mac, PC or Linux. A recommended manual may be purchased separately but is not required.

This course is applicable towards the Technology Skills for Educators Certificate.

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Eric Westland

Teaching technology to enhance both your professional and personal life is my passion. I recently retired in 2016 after 38 years in the classroom. During my career, I’ve taught everything from Architectural CAD to Algebra, from Woodshop to Web Design with the last 20 years being in technical subjects. Now I find myself teaching teachers and I pride myself on trying to be as supportive as possible. Regardless of your background, I believe you will find I offer courses that are fun, relaxed, and offer practical challenges for users of all skill levels while working on your terms in an online environment. When a student completes one of my courses, it is my goal that they end up with skills and materials they can use in their classroom the very next day. Best of all, all of my courses use free, powerful software which allows you and your students to use it at school and home.