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Dr. Julie Lane

Subject Expertise: Special Education/Music
Education: EdD in Educational Leadership, Administration, & Policy from Pepperdine University; MA in Special Education from Chapman University; MM in Music Performance (Harp) from University of Redlands; BM in Music Performance (Harp) from California State University, Fullerton 
Hometown: Tustin, CA, but lives in Three Forks, MT today


As an educator, I find great value in collaborating and consulting with community members, especially key constituencies in the educational process, including parents, teachers, school leaders, and their advocacy organizations, plus businesses, government entities, and nonprofit organizations with educational interests.  Each has a contribution to make and is benefitted in helping to raise a child.  In today’s world of multiple obligations, expectations, hazards, and uncertainties, children need to be guided and supported in the communities where they live and go to school.  Moreover, building collaborative relationships and empowering community members creates networks of support that help children to recognize their value in facing the challenges of life.

Professional Experience: Fresno Pacific University - Associate Professor; Advocacy and Diversity in Special Education – Owner & Consultant; 25+ years of special education experience in public, private, and charter schools as a teacher and administrator

Personal Experience: Research areas on the development of special education programming in Christian and private education. Along with this is looking at the types of special education programs in Christian and private schools and gaining an understanding of the types of school leaders who embrace such programs.

Scholarly Interests: Contribute to the literature by understanding special education programming, cultural reciprocity, and school climate as it applies to children with disabilities in international, private, and rural schools. 

Honors and Awards: Spencer Foundation Post-Doctorate Fellowship Semi-Finalist (2017); Fresno Pacific University Merit Award (2015); Fresno Pacific University Merit Award (2013); Carol Gray Award (2006); America’s Most Influential Teacher (2006); Coordinating Council for Students with Special Needs (1996 – 2005); California Retired Teachers Association Scholarship Recipient (1993)

Publications: Lane, J. M., & Jones, D. R. (under review). Understanding Child Find Practices between Public and Private School Personnel. Lane, J. M. (under review).  A Sampling of International Schools’ Special Education Practices and Reflections; Lane, J.M., Kinnison, Q.P., & Ellard, A. (2019). Creating Inclusive and Hospitable Christian Schools: Three Case Studies.  Journal of Religion & Disability, 1-22; Lane, J.M., & George, S.  (2018).  Factors that Support High School Graduation for Ute Mountain Ute Youth.  Journal of American Indian Education, 57(3), 5-26; Lane, J.M., & Keith, L.C. (2018). A pilot study: Addressing Native American cultural competency. International Journal of Education and Culture, 7(1-2), 13-34; Lane, J.M. (2017).  Special education staffing and service models in Christian schools.  Journal of Research in Christian Education, 26(3), 225-236; Lane, J.M. (2016).  Special education transition: Perspective in minority groups.  Conference Proceedings for the American Council on Rural Special Education, 74-82; Lane, J. M., & Jones, D. R. (2016).  Inclusion in international schools:  A study of theoretical principles, ethical practices, and consequentialist theories in school administrators.  Journal of Psychology Research, 5(6); Lane, J.M., & Jones, D.R. (2015).  Child find practices in Christian schools.  Journal of Research in Christian Education, 24(3), 212-223; Lane, J.M., & Jones, D.R. (2015).  Children with special needs: Enrollment practices in Christian schools.  Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability, 4(2), 99-112; Lane, J.M., & Jones, D.R. (2014).  Special education professional development in Christian schools. Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability, 3(2), 45-68; Lane, J.M., & Kinnison, Q. P. (2014). Welcoming children with special needs: Empowering Christian special education through purpose, policy, and procedures. Bloomington, IN: Westbow Press; Lane, J. M.  (2011). Special Education in Christian Schools: Post Professional Development Support. (Doctoral dissertation).  Available from ProQuest Dissertations & Theses. (AAT3475101).

Favorite Activities: Spending time with family and in the outdoors

What Matters: The simple things in life; God’s love.

What I Like About FPU: I believe serving at Fresno Pacific University provides me with the opportunity to learn alongside my students.  We all bring experiences, expertise, and knowledge to the discussion.  By learning together, we can enrich one another’s lives.